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2019-2021 Miss Woodbury Gitanjali Raman, Princesses Sammy Ogle and Ally Murray, Little Miss Woodbury Lucy Kadlec, Little Princesses Mya Cheney and Claire Ireland, Senior Queen Nancy Studiner
2018-2019 Miss Woodbury Jordyn Yourczek, Princesses Tabitha Diamond and Lauren Johnson, Little Miss Woodbury Jocelyn Funk, Little Princesses Gisele Parnell and Mirabelle Cline, Senior Queen Sandy Shanley
2017-2018 Miss Woodbury Meghan Rice, Princesses Esi Duvor and Alana Mishler, Little Miss Woodbury Anna Thompson, Little Princesses Kennedy Peterson, Lucy Dammann, and Emma Lee
2016-2017 Miss Woodbury Abby Fischer, Princesses Paige Yurek and Kylie Johnson, Little Miss Woodbury Nadia Ghafour, Little Princesses Madyson Kasel and Imani Cofield, and Senior Queen Sherry Simpson
2015-2016 Miss Woodbury Brittany Grythe, Princesses Megan Palmquist and Breanna Boe, Little Miss Woodbury Noreen Ghafour, Little Princesses Alex Ogle and Ava Cheney, Senior Queen Kathy Nickelson
2014-2015 Miss Woodbury Kathy Melton, Princesses Lizz LaValle and Laura Daly, Little Miss Woodbury Natalie Smith, Little Princesses Kayden Tentis and Lexie Woods, Senior Queen Therese Sweitzer and Senior King Scott Oien
2013-2014 Miss Woodbury Lynnae Boe, Princesses Megan Wolf and Maureen Oien, Little Miss Woodbury Isabelle Fournier, Little Princesses Faith Fogarty and Sammy Ogle, Senior Queen Karen Malone
2012-2013 Miss Woodbury Lexi Wolfe, Princesses Kennedy Bertram and Kasie Rewey, Little Miss Woodbury Savannah Schemenaur, Little Princesses Leah Kalinoff and Minda Li, Senior Queen Shelley Kowalczuk
2011-2012 Miss Woodbury Molly Zorn, Princesses Kayla Grythe and Miranda Erickson, Little Miss Woodbury Alexa Christiansen, Little Princesses Autumn Kane and Faith Yurek, Senior Queen Patty Bishop